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Welcome to the unofficial Clash of Clans Wiki

This is a wiki that made to give serval information about the game called Clash Of Clans that made by Supercell. It's a game where player started from zero to Champion. And in order to became champion player Races each other by making the strongest bases and made a many different tactics to defeat Their enemies That can be "The Goblin" or another player

Info Request

You can make a request of an information on the Request Page. At there you can ask for a pages and adding an idea for this wiki and ask a question link is at Here

Rules and Manners of Constribution

Since last time rampaged people do something bad on the old wikia now this wiki has some rules and Manner!! Remember former admin know how to ban people by thir ip address


-Constribution Requires Registration (so admin can Know your e-mail)
-No deleting any information
-No deleting any pages
-No Moving or change name of a page without permission from admin
-No adding Pornnographic picture or video


-No spamming
-No putting Swear or dirty words
-No insulting other member
-Speaking in comment need to be polite
-Never asking for a Promotion, let the admin decide by himself

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  • discussion page Talk:The New Clash of clans Wiki
    edited by Semperfi915a113 diff
  • edit Cannon12
    edited by Semperfi915a113 diff
    Summary: Title to infobox + added info in infobox
  • new page User blog:Semperfi915a113/Weekly Event Updates?
    posted by Semperfi915a113
    New blog: Each week, whatever ongoing or future updates happen in the game can/will be posted here. If no updates occur, then no blog post will be made for...
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts

    Something to Say

    Write your opinions and questions! Click on Recent blog posts in
    the sidebar, and then the link on the left for Create a new blog post.

    Something to Say

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  • edit Goblins
    edited by Semperfi915a113 diff
    Summary: completing to building (1st sentence)
  • new page Goblins
    created by Semperfi915a113
    New page: Goblins are unlocked by successfully completing the Level 4 Barracks in the game. Goblins are very fast, with an incredibly fast movement speed for...
    Summary: I started a new page on Goblins, but it's nowhere near done.. Hope I can be of help to this page in future..
  • discussion page Talk:Request Page
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: The game wouldn't be as fun as it used to be... You can join a clan that has gemmers who can get ton of money and donate it to the members. Anyway,...
  • edit Units
    edited by Brendan Sparrow diff
    Summary: This wiki sucks!!!!!!! This page has copyrighted and false information.
  • discussion page Talk:Clan Castle
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: Then roots are gone once you use them you can only use them once
  • discussion page Talk:Clan Castle
    new comment by A FANDOM user

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